12-17-2013: new album released as a free download: flood. ambient piano improvisations. my Christmas gift to you.

4-2-2013: apparently i'm soundclouder of the day! such a huge blessing. soundcloud is an awesome platform not just for sharing music, but also engaging with likeminded musicians and listeners.

3-27-2013: i had the opportunity to write the release notes for some awesome albums over the last few months: serein and prumx for the triumphant return of the excellent softphase netlabel, and wrath of the gods on soun records.

3-5-2013: been busy creating sound art every now and then for the weekly disquiet junto project. a loose, slowjazz nils frahm remix, my audio biography (which also ties into the soundcloud community project), and an ambient piano improvisation for textinstagr/am/bient, the follow-up to disquiet's highly successful instagr/am/bient v/a from a year ago.

2-16-2013: a few new songs. a late-night computerless experiment with just the piano, a couple FX pedals, and a tape recorder. other new tunes: a pair of piano improvisations layered over ambient field recordings. cobb trail, taken from one of my local nature walks; and surf point, which uses a creative commons-licensed ocean recording from ambient/drone artist widesky. i'm very thankful for CC licenses permitting derivative works such as this one.

thought. emotion. imagery. sounds.